cases 1300t

The World's First Largest Hydropower Bridge Crane (1,300T)

  • 1300T

    Lifting Capacity
  • Hydropower Plants

    Application Sectors
  • Overhead Cranes

    TZCO Equipment
  • Yunnan, China


Korea's largest steel manufacturer: TZCO six 480t casting crane

  • 480/100T

    Lifting Capacity
  • Steel Industry

    Application Sectors
  • Casting Cranes

    TZCO Equipment
  • POSCO, Korea

cases 480t casting crane

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Metallurgical Specialized Cranes Equipment

TZCO CRANES offering encompasses the entire steel production process
From mining to final storage, including key stages such as wharf operations, coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, and rolling.

Selecting the Perfect Overhead Cranes for Metallurgical Applications

tabs 1
Raw Material
Handling & Loading
tabs 2
Blast Furnace Area
tabs 3
Liquid Steel Transfer &
Refining Area
tabs 4
Steel Rolling Shop
tabs 5
Finished Product
Forging Cranes

Raw Material Handling & Loading

Flexible handling of rolled material with high maneuverability and durability. Durable and easy to maintain, it reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Corrosion And Wear Resistance
  • Explosion-proof Design
  • Powerful Load Capacity
  • Stable Structural Design
Forging Overhead Cranes
Blast Furnace Area

Blast Furnace Area

Foundry Crane - Ladle Lifting: For the transportation of molten iron tanks from the blast furnace outlet with high load capacity.

  • With heat-resistant materials and cooling systems to protect electrical components and mechanical structures from high temperatures.
  • Safety protection devices and emergency stop system to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
  • Dust and corrosion prevention: with good corrosion resistance, prolonging its service life.
Metallurgical Cranes
Liquid Steel Transfer and Refining Area

Liquid steel transfer and refining area

Metallurgical casting cranes: For transferring liquid steel and operating refining furnaces with good resistance to high temperatures and advanced control systems and positioning technology.

  • Double and quadruple girder casting cranes with high load carrying capacity up to 520t.
  • Good corrosion and abrasion resistance and high-precision positioning control system.
  • High-temperature resistant design: driver's room and electrical room are fully insulated on all sides.
Metallurgical Cranes
Slab Clamp Cranes

Steel Rolling Shop

Clamping Cranes: Fast, precise clamping and movement of slabs improves material handling efficiency.

  • Flexible handling of rolled material, high mobility and durability.
  • The high precision control system and positioning technology allows for accurate placement of slabs in the designated location.
  • The machine is durable and easy to maintain, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Clamping Overhead Cranes
Finished Product Area

Finished product area

Electromagnetic hanging girder cranes: Used for handling and stacking finished steel products, typically with large span and capacity, equipped with automated control system.

Safety protection: Includes limit switch, overload protection, power failure protection, etc., ensuring operational safety.

Wide range: Suitable for diverse settings and industries like factories, warehouses, wharves, logistics centers, etc., capable of moving metal materials, steel plates, steel pipes, etc.

Electromagnetic Beam Overhead Cranes

Crane Intelligence: TZCO's Complete Solution

TZCO Cranes according to different scenarios of crane intelligent transformation and digitalization, intelligent empowerment needs, to provide users with a full range of cranes of the whole intelligent solution.


Automatic Crane Operation System

  • Multi-Remote Operation
  • 3D Positioning & Auto Operation
  • Auto Path Planning & Obstacle Avoidance
  • Auto Decoupling
  • Laser Scanning & Material ID

Multiple Remote Operation

  • Multi-operator console for scheduling and operating multiple cranes.
  • Switch between remote operation, remote control operation, and driver's room operation with a single key.
  • Centralized control of multiple cranes via the crane management system.

Positioning & Automatic Operation

  • Utilizes Gray bus, laser range finders, and sensors to receive position commands from production scheduling.
  • Automatically moves to specified positions along safe paths.
  • Significantly boosts efficiency, minimizes errors

Automatic Dehooking

  • Recognizes object shape and coordinates using a laser images scanner.
  • Assists the crane's main system in making judgments to ensure safe crane operation.
  • Automating unhooking reduces manual work, saving time and labor costs.

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TZCO Cranes — Multiple park layouts

Multiple campus layouts can help enhance a crane manufacturer's production, R&D and marketing capabilities. It can help increase flexibility, reduce costs and better meet the needs of the global market.

Intelligent High-end Equipment Industrial Park

  • Covering the whole process of production: Discharging, welding, painting, machining, assembly, and debugging.
  • New generation technology: Incorporating intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, etc.
  • Actively constructing a new generation of equipment manufacturing industry's "black light factory" and "lighthouse factory".

Engineering Crane Industrial Park

  • Building an Engineering Crane Smart Manufacturing Hub.
  • With a focus on intelligence, creating a new pinnacle of energy-powered series of engineering cranes.
  • Product: Medium to Large-Sized Engineering Cranes

Rail Transit Industrial Park

  • Comprehensive Research and Development Base for Rail Transit Rolling Systems.
  • Capable of producing an average of one wheel per minute, achieving an annual output of 700,000 wheels and a cumulative production of over 7 million axle products.
  • Products: Wheels, Axles, Gearboxes, Wheelsets.