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Blogs 2024-04-09

14 days to complete the construction of the crane components

Received customer requirements, the project metallurgical crane needs to complete the bridge structure as soon as possible, in mid-month before the installation, electrical installation, and other follow-up production. In less than half a month, the manufacture of the structural parts of the metallurgical crane of this project was completed the inspection was completed, and the […]

electrical workshop 4
Blogs 2024-03-11

From the “iron frame” to the electrical workshop officially put into production

At the beginning of the establishment of the electrical workshop, the company was still in the budding stage, the electrical assembly manpower was insufficient, the technical level of the staff was also uneven, and can be independently completed only the distribution cabinets, power supply junction boxes, GGD cabinets, and other limited types of parts of […]

News 2024-03-01

TZCO cranes passed the “national military standard” certification

As we all know, the quality management system of weapons and equipment (hereinafter referred to as the national military standard) certification conditions are very strict. Obtaining the “national military standard” certification indicates that the enterprise has reached a high standard of requirements, and the quality of its military products has been greatly guaranteed. After 11 […]

Blogs 2024-03-01

Shipments for the month reached 2,900 tons

The past March was a memorable month in our shipping history – our shipment reached 2900 tons in that month, accomplishing the set target. This is a sign that our company continues to develop steadily and is always committed to providing customers with quality services and products. The 2900 tons of shipments in March could […]


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