Metallurgical Cranes

Metallurgy: Choosing The Right Overhead Cranes

Crane Intelligence: TZCO's Complete Solution

TZCO Cranes according to different scenarios of crane intelligent transformation and digitalization, intelligent empowerment needs, to provide users with a full range of cranes of the whole intelligent solution.


Automatic Crane Operation System

  • Multi-Remote Operation
  • 3D Positioning & Auto Operation
  • Auto Path Planning & Obstacle Avoidance
  • Auto Decoupling
  • Laser Scanning & Material ID

Multiple Remote Operation

  • Multi-operator console for scheduling and operating multiple cranes.
  • Switch between remote operation, remote control operation, and driver's room operation with a single key.
  • Centralized control of multiple cranes via the crane management system.

Positioning & Automatic Operation

  • Utilizes Gray bus, laser range finders, and sensors to receive position commands from production scheduling.
  • Automatically moves to specified positions along safe paths.
  • Significantly boosts efficiency, minimizes errors

Automatic Dehooking

  • Recognizes object shape and coordinates using a laser image scanner.
  • Assists the crane's main system in making judgments to ensure safe crane operation.
  • Automating unhooking reduces manual work, saving time and labor costs.

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