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Charging Overhead Cranes

The loading crane produced by TZCO has a lifting capacity from 20t+20t to 100t+100t.

It is divided into two types: double-trolley crane and single-trolley crane.

It is mainly used for adding cold materials. The electric furnace feeding crane is primarily used for adding scrap steel to the electric furnace.

  • Lifting Weight: 20+20t~110+110t
  • Span: 18m~30m
  • Lifting Height: 24m~30m
  • Working Grade: A7~A8
  • High Load Capacity
  • Reliable and Stable Structure
  • High Safety Standards
  • Low Maintenance Costs

Product Introduction

In the steel production process, the role of a charging overhead crane is indispensable. It is responsible for feeding an electric arc furnace in the charging bay and must efficiently transport hot metal to either the turret station of a continuous casting machine or a ladle furnace. This task demands heavy-duty performance and continuous operation.

The charging cranes produced by TZCO are designed to withstand the intense flames and radiated heat from the furnace, as well as the short bursts of extreme heat generated by the charge itself. Given that the crane handles molten steel, ensuring its safety and reliability is of paramount importance.

Product Features

High Precision Weighing Device:

The charging crane is equipped with a high-precision weighing device at the interface to ensure the accuracy of charging measurements. Given its high working level, considerations for redundancy are made in metal structure and fatigue calculations.

Double Girder Double Trolley Model:

The double girder double trolley model features balanced stress on the main girder and flexible charging. Two sets of lifting mechanisms are installed on separate trolleys, allowing the lifting and running mechanisms of the two trolleys to operate either in conjunction or independently.

Double Girder Single Trolley Model:

The double girder single trolley model is characterized by its lightweight, small dimensions, and flexible charging. Two sets of lifting mechanisms are installed on the same trolley, which runs on the tracks of the two main girders.

Key Advantages Of Charging Overhead Cranes

  • Ironmaking Plants: During the ironmaking process, precise handling and loading/unloading of raw materials, molten metals, and other materials are required. Charging cranes are crucial in material handling within ironmaking plants, ensuring an efficient production flow.
  • Steel Mills: Steel manufacturing involves several steps, including smelting, rolling, quenching, etc. In these processes, charging cranes are used for handling and processing various metal materials to ensure the smooth progress of the entire manufacturing process.
  • Foundries: In the casting process, charging cranes are used to handle molten metal and pour it into molds, ensuring the shape and quality of the castings.
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting Plants: This includes the smelting processes for non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, where charging cranes are also required for handling raw materials and processing smelting products.
  • Smelting Workshops: In smelting workshops, charging cranes feed raw materials into the furnace, ensuring the normal operation of furnace processes.
  • High-Temperature Environments: As smelting processes involve high-temperature operations, charging cranes are typically designed to work in high-temperature environments, ensuring the reliability and safety of the equipment.

Key Applications Scenarios

TZCO cranes excel in efficiency, adaptability, safety, versatility, durability and precise material handling, making them important lifting equipment for metallurgical casting operations.
High Temperature Environments

High-Temperature Environments

Smelting Workshops

Smelting Workshops

Steel Mills

Steel Mills

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