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Electromagnetic Beam Overhead Cranes

Electromagnetic beam overhead cranes are primarily used in continuous casting billet spans, continuous rolling workshops, or finished product warehouses.

In finished product warehouses, they are used for loading and unloading vehicles or for stacking operations. The temperature of the steel billets being transported is generally below 650°C.

  • Lifting Weight: 12.5t~65t
  • Span: 17m~42m
  • Lifting Height: 5t~20m
  • Working Grade: A7~A8
  • High Load Capacity
  • Reliable and Stable Structure
  • High Safety Standards
  • Low Maintenance Costs

Product Structural Forms

Flexible Beam Cranes: Utilized in steel plants for hot and cold rolling lines; beams are suspended on steel wire ropes or hooks, available in vertical and parallel main beam structures.

Rigid Beam Cranes: Feature one or two guide tubes in the lifting mechanism for a stable connection between the beam and the trolley, reducing wire rope system swing for smoother lifts.

Key Applications

Equipped with detachable electromagnetic disks for heavy loading/unloading and transport of ferromagnetic metals (e.g., steel ingots, section steel, pig iron) in metallurgical plants, indoors or outdoors, also used for handling steel materials in machinery factories and warehouses.

Electromagnetic beam cranes with rotatable beams are suitable for steel mills, shipyards, ports, yards, and storage areas,  indoors and outdoors, for the loading, unloading, and transportation of steel plates, section steel, coils, etc. They are appropriate for lifting items of various specifications that must be rotated horizontally. The beam has a cross structure, ensuring reliability and safety, with a certain anti-swing function.

Key Applications Scenarios

TZCO cranes excel in efficiency, adaptability, safety, versatility, durability and precise material handling, making them important lifting equipment for metallurgical casting operations.
Electromagnetic Overhead Crane 4

handling long type steel

Electromagnetic Overhead Crane 5

Overhead Crane with Upper Rotating Electromagnetic Beam

Electromagnetic Crane 3

Overhead Crane with Lower Rotating Electromagnetic Beam

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