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Land Area

TZCO Cranes Is A Global Specialized Manufacturing Base For Large And Special Cranes!

  • Establishment Date: Incorporation 1950
  • Total Area: 431.71 acres
  • Registered Capital: 300 million yuan
  • Main Business Areas: Metallurgical Casting Cranes, General Bridge Cranes,Gantry Cranes, Intelligent Cranes
  • Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities: Includes heat treatment, welding, electrical production, assembly, machining, final assembly, testing, and measurement, as well as packaging.
  • Serving Multiple Industries: Primarily serves the metallurgy, water conservancy and hydropower, heavy mining machinery, coal, rail transit, new energy, ocean engineering, aerospace, nuclear power, and other industries.

Crane Manufacturing

TZCO: A global leader in large-scale and special crane manufacturing.

Founded in 1950: With a rich history dating back to 1950.

First in China: Pioneering the investment in their own design and construction, making them the first heavy machinery manufacturing enterprise in China.

Certifications and Awards

Quality Recognition:
4000+ Innovation Honors

Innovation Leader:
500+ No. 1 in China and the world

Customer Satisfaction:
260+ projects & 60+ Countries

Achievements and Contributions

Supplied over 3,000 types of equipment.

Provided a total of 40,000 sets of equipment.

Accomplished over 500 "Chinese and world firsts" in the field, showcasing a dedication to innovation and excellence.

70+ Years Crane Experience

70 Years In The Crane Industry, Our Factory Embodies A Blend Of Tradition, Expertise, And Innovation, aboutmap

4000+ Innovation Honors

Awards Span A Wide, Commitment To Quality And Innovation.

500+ No. 1 Rankings in China and the World

500+ In Breakthrough Technologies And Advanced Crane Design.

260+ Projects & Presence in 60+ Countries

Adapting To Diverse Market Needs And Cultural Nuances.

10 Service Stations & 5 Research Base

Experience Our World-class Service, No Matter Where You Are Located.

Our Factory: Rich History in Crane Innovation and Excellence

timeline 1954


Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Plant production formally included in the national plan; produced the first 50-ton bridge crane for New China in 1955.

timeline 1961


Completed China's first 350-ton gantry crane for the Sanmenxia Dam project on Premier Zhou Enlai's orders, still standing today.

timeline 1997


Developed the first 98/55-ton slab tongs crane for Benxi Steel Group in Liaoning, still in operation.

timeline 1999


Won the bid for the world's largest 1200/125-ton bridge crane for the Three Gorges Project; images from 2000 showing crane lifting generator rotor.

timeline 2005


Won the bid for the 190+190/20+5-ton ring crane project for Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, entering the nuclear crane market.

timeline 2019


Casting crane awarded "Manufacturing Single Champion" by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Industrial Economics.

timeline 2021


1300-ton bridge crane completed lifting task for the world's first million-kilowatt hydroelectric unit at the Baihetan Dam of the Three Gorges Project.

Innovation Honors

On The Road Of Innovation, We Are Not Only At The Forefront, But Also Creating A New Chapter In The Industry.

honor1 honor2

Science and Technology Awards: 230

  • National Invention: 4
  • National Science: 15
  • Provincial Scientific: 210
  • National Patent: 1

Intellectual Property Rights: 2572

  • Authorized Patents: 1813
  • Inventions: 679
  • PCT international patents: 4
  • Software Copyrights: 40
  • Technical Secrets: 11
  • Trademarks: 25

Standardization: 1234

  • Industry Standards: 267
  • National Standards: 81
  • Industry Standards: 186
  • Enterprise Standards: Over 700

TZCO Cranes — Multiple park layouts

Multiple campus layouts can help enhance a crane manufacturer's production, R&D and marketing capabilities. It can help increase flexibility, reduce costs and better meet the needs of the global market.

Intelligent High-end Equipment Industrial Park

  • Covering the whole process of production: Discharging, welding, painting, machining, assembly, and debugging.
  • New generation technology: Incorporating intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, etc.
  • Actively constructing a new generation of equipment manufacturing industry's "black light factory" and "lighthouse factory".

Engineering Crane Industrial Park

  • Building an Engineering Crane Smart Manufacturing Hub.
  • With a focus on intelligence, creating a new pinnacle of energy-powered series of engineering cranes.
  • Product: Medium to Large-Sized Engineering Cranes

Rail Transit Industrial Park

  • Comprehensive Research and Development Base for Rail Transit Rolling Systems.
  • Capable of producing an average of one wheel per minute, achieving an annual output of 700,000 wheels and a cumulative production of over 7 million axle products.
  • Products: Wheels, Axles, Gearboxes, Wheelsets.

5S Production Workshop