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Quenching Overhead Cranes

Quenching overhead cranes is a specialized overhead crane used for vertical well quenching heat treatment processes, equipped with rapid descent and emergency brake release functions in case of accidents. Typically featuring a double girder single trolley structure.

  • Lifting Weight: 32t~350t
  • Span: 20m~34m
  • Lifting Height: 15m~36m
  • Lifting/lowering Speed: 20m/min~46m/min
  • High Load Capacity
  • Reliable and Stable Structure
  • High Safety Standards
  • Low Maintenance Costs

Product Introduction

Quenching overhead cranes is designed to quickly immerse heated, high-temperature workpieces into a quenching tank (or quenching well) to complete the heat treatment process.

To ensure that workpieces achieve the desired heat treatment performance and to reduce the likelihood of the quenching tank's surface catching fire, the crane must have a rapid descent capability.

To prevent fires during the quenching process, the lifting mechanism of the quenching crane is fitted with an emergency brake release.

Product Features

  • High-Temperature Resistant Materials: Quenching cranes are made from materials like alloy steel, stainless steel, or other heat-resistant alloys suitable for high-temperature environments, ensuring equipment stability and durability.
  • Specially Designed Clamps: Equipped with specially designed clamps to accurately position workpieces in the quenching furnace, improving quenching effects and achieving desired hardness and strength.
  • High Positioning Accuracy: Requires high positioning accuracy to precisely place workpieces in the quenching medium, aiding in controlling the quenching process and enhancing product consistency.
  • Protective Measures: Incorporates protective measures such as shields and cooling systems to safeguard against severe temperature changes and splashing of cooling media, protecting both equipment and operators.
  • Emergency Shutdown System: Features an emergency shutdown system for safety, allowing rapid cessation of operations in emergencies to reduce potential hazards.
  • Adaptability to Narrow Spaces: Designed to be compact for operation within limited spaces, suiting narrow working environments.
  • High Load Capacity: Capable of bearing and manipulating heavy workpieces, thus its structure and materials provide sufficient strength and stability.
  • Dust and Corrosion Resistance: Considering potential exposure to dust and cooling media in the working environment, quenching cranes are designed to be dust and corrosion-resistant, extending equipment lifespan.

Key Applications Scenarios

TZCO cranes excel in efficiency, adaptability, safety, versatility, durability and precise material handling, making them important lifting equipment for metallurgical casting operations.
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Heat Treatment Facilities

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Steel Mills

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