• Capacity: 480T
  • Application: Steel Industry
  • Product: Casting Cranes
  • Country: POSCO, Korea
  • Cranes type: Casting Cranes
  • Capacity: 480T
  • Crane control: air control + remote control
  • Application: steel mill workshops
  • Quantity: 6nos

Ladle cranes are processed overhead cranes used in steel-making and continuous casting shops to lift and transfer molten metal (pouring molten iron, receiving molten steel). It is a key piece of equipment in the steelmaking and continuous casting processes, primarily used to charge the converter with molten iron, transfer the molten steel to the refinery furnace in the refining bay, and transfer the molten steel to the continuous caster's ladle turret in the receiving bay.

TZCO ladle cranes are used in large steel plants in China and exported to Pakistan, Philippines,  Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries and regions, etc.

ladle cranes

Casting Cranes: 480T ladle overhead cranes
TAGS: Casting Crane,steel manufacturer
Release Date: March 11, 2024

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