14 days to complete the construction of the crane components

Release Date: April 09, 2024

Received customer requirements, the project metallurgical crane needs to complete the bridge structure as soon as possible, in mid-month before the installation, electrical installation, and other follow-up production. In less than half a month, the manufacture of the structural parts of the metallurgical crane of this project was completed the inspection was completed, and the manufacturing time of our structural parts was refreshed.

The structural member is the frame of a crane, all the mechanical and electrical equipment are distributed on it, which is the load-bearing structure of the crane. The average construction time for the crane components is 25 days, and the average manufacturing time for the whole machine is 100 days; now, the whole machine can be delivered in an average of only 75 days, and the completion time of the structural components has been breaking records.

From drawing issues, material purchasing, sheet material cutting, structure welding, appearance inspection, loading and shipping, our structure team, supply department, Production Department, and Technology Department, multi-departmental efficient completion of each process.


In the Technical Center, technicians stay up late to make a piece of structural drawings; in the production line, the structure of the bridge two, three groups of staff many groups shifts, day and night rotation, and the arc generated by the welding workshop has not stopped; At the supply warehouse, the purchasing and warehouse staff are busy with the material entry and registration; at the loading site, the production dispatch and shipping staff carefully check the loading status of each part.

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