From the “iron frame” to the electrical workshop officially put into production

Release Date: March 11, 2024

At the beginning of the establishment of the electrical workshop, the company was still in the budding stage, the electrical assembly manpower was insufficient, the technical level of the staff was also uneven, and can be independently completed only the distribution cabinets, power supply junction boxes, GGD cabinets, and other limited types of parts of the assembly work; now, as the company's focus on upgrading the object of the Electrical Workshop, through the continuous enrichment of manpower, internal training, and refinement of the level of technology, and succeeded in doing the flat screen, the frame screen, shaped driver's room, into the screen, the screen, the screen, and the screen. Now, as the company's key enhancement target, the electrical workshop has successfully achieved the independent assembly of the plane screen, frame screen, shaped driver's room, inlet screen, and various outsourced electrical parts, realizing the full set of electrical assembly of large-tonnage casting cranes in the true sense of homemade, and also greatly reducing the error rate of the site and controlling it in a low range.

At the same time, the electrical workshop strives for excellence and strictly implements the company's workshop 5S management system, all kinds of components and materials are partitioned to ensure reasonable compliance with the placement, but also the existing process flow innovation, improved folding copper row technology, alignment technology, and screen line neat technology. A piece, time and time again, the improvement of the electrical workshop technology, speed, process improvement, and maturity, so that the electrical assembly, wiring, into the screen, the end of the work is more rhythmic, more capable of the tasks entrusted by the company, outstanding completion of large-tonnage complex process crane electrical assembly work.

Regarding staffing and talent training, the electrical workshop has set up four groups responsible for the screen, wiring, driver's room, and into the screen. The technical level of the staff in the electrical workshop has been improved in all aspects.

Electrical Workshop

Early stage of establishment of the electrical workshop

The electrical workshop officially put into production

electrical workshop

Electrical assembly work
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