• Capacity: 1300T
  • Application: Hydropower Plants
  • Product: Overhead Cranes
  • Country: Yunnan, China
  • Cranes type: Overhead Cranes
  • Capacity: 1300T
  • Crane control: air control + remote control
  • Application: Hydropower Plants
  • Country: Yunnan, China

The bridge crane for hydropower stations primarily undertakes the tasks of installing, operating, maintaining, and repairing the equipment within the power station.

A golden bridge crane, over 30 meters in length, was seen being loaded onto a transport vehicle, parked outside the crane subsidiary's workshop, ready to be dispatched to the Wudongde Hydropower Station of the Three Gorges Project.


This crane, independently designed and manufactured by Taiyuan Heavy Industry (Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group) for the Three Gorges Group, holds the record as the world's largest single-hook bridge crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 1300 tons! To date, Taiyuan Heavy Industry has designed and manufactured nearly 200 bridge cranes for hydropower stations, serving well-known power stations such as the Three Gorges, Gezhouba, Xiangjiaba, Yalong River, Longyangxia, and Liujiaxia, all of which are still operating efficiently. Notably, since 2000, Taiyuan Heavy Industry has also produced several 1200-ton bridge cranes for the left bank plant of the Three Gorges Project.

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Through the design and manufacturing of the 1300-ton bridge crane project, Taiyuan Heavy Industry has overcome key technical challenges in crane design, including handling large lifting capacities, multiple drum configurations, and complex wire rope winding mechanisms, ensuring their continued leadership in the crane industry.

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Release Date: April 09, 2024

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